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We are delighted to introduce you to our exceptional collection of high-quality wholesale natural yarns, sourced from local farming regions of Inner Mongolia, the Tibetan Plateau, and Qinghai. We take great pride in supporting local economies and artisans while promoting sustainable business practices. Our Tibetan yak and cashmere yarns are acquired from the soft undercoats of their respective animals, resulting in a luxurious and renewable material that will elevate your knitting projects to new heights.

Through our website, you will find the finest selection of natural fiber yarns on the market.

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The beauty of Top-dyed

The hazy three-dimensional effect and texture of top-dyed spinning cannot be achieved by white blank dyeing. Pollution is not caused by the use of top-dyed spun yarn. With top-dyed spun yarn, multiple colors appear on one yarn, and the colors are soft, rich and plump. Weaved with top-dyed spinning, the fabric is hazy and three-dimensional, with subtle, natural colors.

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Issued by OEKO-100 green pollution-free certification, ISO. And Free Mulseing.

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