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Founder, Jing Wong, Believes Knitting has the Power to Heal

Jing Wong, the visionary behind Yakashmere, has always had a profound belief in the therapeutic power of knitting as a hobby. Recognizing its ability to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and even provide relief from chronic pain, she has dedicated herself to spreading the joys and benefits of this ancient craft.

Through countless hours spent experimenting with different patterns, textures, and colors, she understood firsthand the transformative effects that knitting can have on well-being. Motivated by her personal experiences and yarn projects, Jing embarked on a mission to share the remarkable benefits of knitting with others.

In 2023, fueled by her passion for knitting and a desire to source the finest materials, Jing decided to launch her own wholesale e-commerce business—Yakashmere. The name is a combination of yak and cashmere evoking local culture and luxury. Jing envisioned her website and eBay store as platforms that connect knitting enthusiasts with the natural fiber yarns she sourced from the finest producers of Inner Mongolia, the Tibetan Plateau, and Qinghai.


Yakashmere offers its customers endless possibilities for creative expression. All yarns available through Yakashmere Yarns are made from natural fibers, including 100% Erdos cashmere, pure Linen, and Tibetan yak fiber. Customizing your products is seamless. Each spool can be hand-dyed to match any color. Ms. Wong invites knitters of all backgrounds to experience the unparalleled luxury of Tibetan yak fiber and create heirloom-quality pieces. Her wholesale company is a testament to well-being, community, sustainability, and cultural appreciation.

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