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What is Tibetan Yak Yarn?
Tibetan yak yarn is a product of fur from large, beautiful bovines living in Tibet’s rough
countryside called Yaks. These animals can live in harsh temperatures and at high altitudes.
When processed, their soft, warm, and light fibers make yarn known for its excellent quality,
softness, and warmth.
Where Does Tibetan Yak Yarn Come From?
Most Tibetan yak yarn comes from the Tibetan Plateau, a huge and beautiful area in the
Himalayan mountains. Tibetan yak yarn is known for being of high quality, lasting long, and
useful for knitting, crocheting, weaving, and other fiber crafts. The high quality of the yaks’ fibers
comes from eating the natural plants that grow in this remote, untouched area.
Local people in Tibet are very important in collecting, processing, and making yarn from yak
fibers keeping traditions and knowledge passed down for generations.

Identifying Good Quality Yak Yarn
Knitting with this luxurious yarn can be a truly lovely experience. However, finding good quality
Tibetan yak fiber yarn is important to ensure satisfaction with your finished project. Here are
some things to help you identify if your yak yarn is good quality.
Fiber Source and Origin
Identifying good quality yak yarn starts with where the fibers come from. Ensuring that the yarn
says the fiber came from Tibetan yaks is important as it shows its heritage and authenticity.

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