Brushed Silky Cashmere XD23617

Mini order is 1kg/color


Fiber Content: 23% Mulberry Silk, 77% Inner Mongolia Cashmere

Introducing Yakashmere Yarns Silky Cashmere, available in 1ply, 2ply, and 3ply yardage, catering to different seasonal projects.

1ply: 656 yards/50g, ideal for late spring and early summer projects.

2ply: 328 yards/50g, perfect for autumn projects.

3ply: 218 yards/50g, suited for winter projects.

Our Silky Cashmere yarn is designed to be lighter and warmer than comparable yarns of the same size, providing exceptional comfort and versatility across all seasons. Experience the luxurious blend of mulberry silk and Inner Mongolia cashmere, crafted to enhance your knitting experience.



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